Emsland Map v 1.1

July 2, 2012 in Landwirtschafts simulator 2011 Mods, Maps & Objects

So nachdem die erste Version dieser Map doch noch einige Fehler aufwies, habe ich hier einmal eine komplett überarbeitete Version der Map für euch.

Neu dazu gekommen sind in der v.1.1:

- Funktionierende Kuhweide
- Es gibt einen 2. Hof
- Felder wurden anders angelegt
- Es wurden Hügel in der Landschaft eingefügt
- Es wurde ein Ballenshredder hinzugefügt
- Viele kleine Details

- Springen der Fahrzeuge an den Straßenkanten gefixt
- Es kann nun auch Mist gefahren werden
- Kleinere Detail Fehler

Ich hoffe das ich niemanden Vergessen habe.

Benötigte Mods:

- MapWeightstationMod
- MapFertilizerMod
- MapDoorTrigger
- MapBGASilo
- MapBGA
- MapFruitTrigger
- MapSuperSiloTrigger
- FruittypeFix

Erbauer: Kirby94
Unterstützer: Jimkerk, modelleicher
Beta Tester: Softy2, Bersi, GMD800
Erlaubnis für Putenstall by Padda96 (Danke dafür)
weitere Erbauer: Fatian, Börndi, modelleicher, iMarwin, Steffen30muc

Download: Emsland Map v 1.1 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Emsland Map v 1.1 [Letitbit.net]

Oxfordshire & Royal Berkshire DLC 2

July 2, 2012 in Landwirtschafts simulator 2011 Mods, Maps & Objects

This is a British based map and features the standard fruits plus Potato and Sugarbeet.
Once downloaded Open the zip file and place the Map , FMCmaptrigger and milk zips into your mod folder.
Please ensure you have the Giants DLC 2 and have removed any map fruits from your mod folder.
You will need to Place the milk_mod zip into your mod folder (included with map).
This map has been tested with standard vehicles and has been tested for errors (clean error log).
Crashes and errors are most likley the result of your mods.

This map features very tight country lanes so the traffic and milktruck have been disabled.
Larger combines will need a header trailer to get around the map. Sell your crops at the Pub or food factory.
Bales can be “sold” in the old shed next to the cattle field. Store your crops in the silo area .
To collect your crops , take your trailer round the back of the silo area and you will find the triggers.
Please watch the video for a tour.

Isuk mod team for…
Phone box
Potato and sugarbeet scripts
Rubbish bins
opening gates
Gate triggers
Milk mod….

Download: Oxfordshire & Royal Berkshire DLC 2 [Deposifiles.com]
Download: Oxfordshire & Royal Berkshire DLC 2 [Letitbit.net]

Limerick Map

July 2, 2012 in Landwirtschafts simulator 2011 Mods, Maps & Objects

this map is based on an area in county limerick in the south of ireland.this map has no milk truck or running traffic and i also set it to have no animals.the map has 1 pit which accepts maize/grass/wheat as chaff as there the only crops the farmer cuts.there is also 1 minure tank and 1 minure pit and a bale shed if you want to do some bales.the farm has no farm house as the farmer lives away from the farm yard where he stores his crops.

Fruits : grass

10 different hedges by johan12
lowpolytrees by vanilleeis
tire tracks by countypower
empty map by cadaveruk
triggers by cadaveruk
shed by farmercal96
wall pack V1 by Leicestershirefarmer
road by xXMax85Xx
fuel tank / minure tank/minure pit were already in empty map by cadaveruk
real life corn by sim3.09S

Download: Limerick Map [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Limerick Map [Letitbit.net]

Teuto Map

June 28, 2012 in Landwirtschafts simulator 2011 Mods, Maps & Objects

Hof bei der Kuhweide, Haendler, Lidl, BGA mit Ballenschredder, Brauerei, Mistfoerderband, Mist/Gülle Mod,
strawbale_haybale-Mod, Gartencenter, Landhandel, Steinbruch für Sand und Kies, Tankstelle, Milchverkauf,
Guelle/Mist-verkauf, Kuhstall mit möglichkeit zum Füttern, Dorf, Industriegelände, Schlachthof mit Verkauf…..
Brauerei: Ankauf-Getreide…Verkauft Bier
Schlachthof: Ankauf-Rind … Verkauft: Wurst und Fleisch
Gartencenter: Ankauf-Mist und Grass
Industriegelände: Ankauf – Mist, Gülle, Rüben und Kartoffeln
Landhandel: Ankauf aller Fruchtsorten sowie Sand und Kies… Verkauft Dünger und Saatgut.
Molkerei: Ankauf-Milch … Verkauft Milchprodukte.
Lidl: Ankauf – Bier, Wurst, Fleisch und Milchprodukte.
Saatgut kann beim Händler, und auf dem Hof geladen werden.
Dünger gibts am Hof und Landhandel.
BGA mit Ballenschredder.
Am Hof könnt ihr Kleinballen und Standartballen entladen.
Für DLC-Nutzer gibt es am Hof ein Wasserbecken das sich bei Regen füllt. Am See ist wegen dem Steinbruch kein
Wasserladen mehr möglich.
Zusätzlich benötigt ihr noch:
Siloschaufel V1.2

Scania Power

Download: Teuto Map [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Teuto Map [Letitbit.net]

Hill Top Farm

June 27, 2012 in Landwirtschafts simulator 2011 Mods, Maps & Objects

This is a british countryside map with giants original road layout. It has bushed fields and tight off roads.

There is a BGA plant were you can sell unwanted Grass and Chaff and also get rid of any perished bales.

There is sheds that you can fill up with you grains, the current fruit types are all original apart from Fertilizer that can be stored in the shed for people with Fertilizer wagons that can be filled from a bucket.
You can take out the fruit types by driving in to various places in the sheds you will need the modteams Bucket in order to do this. attachments

The LS -UK modteam – for the gates and the cow shed and the merchants and houses.
andrew stanford – for the dealers.
Model- farmer54,Converted to I3d- farmer 54,texture- Farmer 54, Ls-uk mods-team & Wiliam – thanks for the silage shed
armer54 and Andrew Stanford – for the bale shed
discoade – for the slurry grid
sandgroper – for fencing
Slartibartfast – for the manure plain in the shed and the cow shed
Idea: roof Killer , Model: Nikl , script: sven18koehler/fruktor Eifok Powerd by Team for the fertiliser shed
edmund22 for the inspector mod
Reef = retexturing of cow shed, original build (Beacons View V2), manure scripting
DOCTORHILTI = manure plane model and trees
any one missed out please pm me and ill put your credits straight in there.

Download: Hill Top Farm [Orginal Link]

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